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Magic Puddle

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Magic Puddle Joke

What's The Joke Magic Puddle?

One day, a policeman walked by and saw a drunk man sitting in a puddle.

"Hey, are you drunk?" asked the policeman.
"No! I'm just resting!" said the drunk man in a lazy voice.
"Oh, is that so? Well, if your not drunk, what time is it?"
The drunk man raised his arm, as if to point at something, and raised the other arm to cross the first arm over and said, "It's 12:43!"
"Amazing!" said the policeman. "How did you do that?"
"Hee hee, magic!" he said in a drunk voice. The policeman was puzzled and asked the drunk man again how he did it.
"Oh ok! Don't push me!" he said. "I'll tell you how I did it only if you sit with me in this puddle."
" What? No, I'm not sitting in that puddle." said the policeman.
" OK, then you will not learn my secret."

So the policeman stepped in the puddle, and sat down near the drunk man. "OK, I'm in the puddle, now tell me
"Well, turn to face that way, and look at that very large building," He pointed, " Do you see it?"
"Ya I see it, so what?" Said the policeman.

"Well, then I bet that you see that the building is Big Ben."

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