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Blonde, Redhead, Parrot

Blonde, Redhead, Parrot Hilarious Joke
Blonde, Redhead, Parrot Joke

What's The Joke Blonde, Redhead, Parrot?

One day a blonde and a redhead were playing together over the redhead's house while the redhead's father was out. The father had a pet parrot, which he did not let anyone else touch. But, when he left, the girls took him out. The girls were playing with it, when the blonde grabbed the parrot and accidentally ripped out one of its wings. "Now you've done it!" the red head yelled at the blonde. "Go buy him another one just like that, here's some money." The redhead went into her piggy bank and gave the blonde $50. "Okay," said the blonde, "but it's going to hard to find a parrot with only one wing."

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