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Parachute Jump

Parachute Jump Hilarious Joke
Parachute Jump Joke

What's The Joke Parachute Jump?

A bunch of new recruits are making their first parachute jump.

The sergeant gives instructions: "After you jump out of the plane, count slowly to 10. Your parachute will automatically open. If it doesn't, pull the emergency cord. When you get to the drop zone, there'll be trucks waiting to take you back to the base. Move out!"

As scared as they are, they all make it out the door.

The last recruit jumps out and slowly counts to 10 -- nothing. He frantically fumbles around and finds the emergency handle. He jerks on the cord, and it comes off in his hand.

Raising his head to the heavens, he screams, "I bet them trucks ain't waiting either!!"

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