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Blow The Men Down

Blow The Men Down Hilarious Joke
Blow The Men Down Joke

What's The Joke Blow The Men Down?

A male whale and his mate were swimming around in the ocean, when all of a sudden, the male whale catches sight of a whaling vessel in the distance.

He takes a closer look, and recognizes it as the ship that harpooned his
parents many years ago. So, he turns to his girlfriend and tells her that he wants to
avenge the death of his parents. She hesitates, knowing that they could become the next victims of the vessel, but he reassures her and tells her that he has been planning
this all of his life, and he swims over and whispers the plan to her.

So, she agrees and they swim up under one side of the boat, and they both start blowing air through their blow holes. The boat starts to rock back-and-forth, and the sailors on the ship are scrambling all over the deck.

Finally, the boat tips over, and the sailors are scattered through the ocean.

The male whale is delighted and starts to gobble-up the sailors, but the female whale starts to swim away.

So, the male whale swims over to her, and asks her,
"What's wrong."

She huffs and puffs and says, "I agreed to the blow job, but there is no way I'm going to swallow seamen."

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