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Boudreaux and Pedro

Boudreaux and Pedro Hilarious Joke
Boudreaux and Pedro Joke

What's The Joke Boudreaux and Pedro?

One day ole Boudreax was going out in his boat. Ole Pedro ask boudreax, ''What ya got in that boat there?"
Boudreax replied, "I got Duct tape."

"What ya gonna do with duct tape?" he asked.

Boudreax replied, "Gonna catch me some ducks.''

Sure enough that afternoon, his boat was full of ducks. The next week ole Boudreax went out and Pedro said, "Hey Boudreax what ya got in the boat there?"
He told him he had crab grass.

"What ya gonna do with crab grass?" asked Pedro.

"Gonna catch me some crabs," said Boudreax.

"You can't catch crabs with crab grass," said pedro.

But sure enough that afternoon he had the boat full of crabs. The next week ole Boudreaux went out and Perdo asked, "Hey, what you got in the boat?"

Boudreaux said, "Got me some Pussywillow."

Pedro says, "Hold on man, I'm getting my hat and coming with ya."

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