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Joe's Accident

Joe's Accident Hilarious Joke
Joe's Accident Joke

What's The Joke Joe's Accident?

There was a man named Joe playing baseball on his wedding day. The guy at the plate hits the ball, and it nails Joe righ in the genitals. His teamates rush him to the hospital and take him into the emergency room. As he's lying on the table the doctor looks at him and says, ''That's pretty bad. I don't think there's anything I can do for that.''

Joe says, ''Oh please doc it's my wedding night. You've gotta do something!''

The doctor then says, ''Well, I can put two tongue depressors around it and wrap it with gauze tap to immobilize it.''

Joe says, ''Oh thank you, doc. Just don't tell my fiance.''

They get married and later that night Joe's lying on the bed and his wife comes out in a sexy outfit. She unbuttons it, grabs her breasts and says, ''Do you see these beautiful breasts? No one else has ever seen these. I've been saving them just for you.''

''Thats nothing,'' Joe replies. He pulls down his pants and says, ''Look at this. It's not even out of the box yet!''

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