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No Bees Here

No Bees Here Hilarious Joke
No Bees Here Joke

What's The Joke No Bees Here?

There was a brave with no sexual experience. He went to the chief and asked to meet one of his daughters. The chief said, ''No, you first must go into the forrest and practice on the trees.'' The little brave did as he was told.

After several days, the brave returned and asked again, ''Chief, can I meet with one of your daughters?''

''Why sure you can, young brave,'' said the chief.

So, after a little foreplay with the chief's daughter, the little brave undressed her. Before going any further, he turned around, grabbed a stick, and started pushing it in and out of her.

''What do you think you're doing?'' she screamed.

''Checking for bees,'' he replied.

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