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The Lollipop Line

The Lollipop Line Hilarious Joke
The Lollipop Line Joke

What's The Joke The Lollipop Line?

An old lady approaches a police station and observes three women in hand cuffs waiting to go in.

The old lady asks one of the women, "Why are you in line?"

The woman looks at the other prostitutes, winks and says, "We're waiting in line for a free lollipop."

So the old lady gets in line for her free lollipop. The chief of police comes out to take the girls in and notices the old lady in line. Shocked, he says to the old lady, "'You should be ashamed of yourself!"

"Let me tell you something, sonny," the old lady replies, "as long as they keep making them, I will keep sucking them!"

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