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Jack's First Time

Jack's First Time Hilarious Joke
Jack's First Time Joke

What's The Joke Jack's First Time?

Jack comes home from school with a great big smile on his face.

His mom asks him, "Why was he so happy?"

Jack replies, "I just had sex today!"

Well this does not sit well with mom, she immediately begins
shouting at Jack, telling him at 14 he has no business having sex! She tells him to go to
his room and to wait for his dad to come home. When dad finally arrives, mom fills him in.
She asks him to go upstairs and to have a chat with Jack.

He knocks on the door and proceeds to go in.

"Hey Jack, your mom tells me you had sex today?"

"Yes," replies Jack sadly.

Dad looks around the room and whispers to him, "Hey, way to go, son! Your Dad is very, very proud. But if your mom asks what we talked about just tell her it was guy stuff."

The next day, dad shares the news with all his coworkers, bragging that at the age of 14 his son is a man!

When dad goes home that night, he kisses his wife and runs straight upstairs to see Jack. "Hey Jack! Did you have sex today again, son?"

Jack replies "No ass still hurts from yesterday."

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