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The Royal Honeymoon

The Royal Honeymoon Hilarious Joke
The Royal Honeymoon Joke

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On the day of her wedding to Prince Edward, Sophie gets dressed and realizes that she forgot her shoes. Panic sets in until her sister loans her another pair of shoes. Unfortunately they are a bit too small and at the end of the night Sophie's feet are in agony.

The rest of the Royal Family crowds around the door to the bedroom and they hear grunts, straining noises and the occasional muffled scream. Eventually, they hear Edward say, "God, that was tight."

"There," whispers the Queen to the Duke, "I told you she was a virgin."

Then, to their surprise, they hear Edward say, "Right. Now for the other one." Followed by more grunting and, "My God. That was even tighter."

"That's my boy," says the Duke. "Once a sailor, always a sailor."

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