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Endurance Tests

Endurance Tests Hilarious Joke
Endurance Tests Joke

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Three hang-glider pilots, one Irish, one Australian, and one South African, were in the Australian outback in the shadow of Aer's Rock, setting up camp for the night and telling tales of their incredible bravado.

"I once crash-landed in a mangrove swamp," said the Australian, "where there were 6 men all being torn apart by vicious crocodiles. I eviscerated all the crocs and then flew the men to safety with my hang-glider."

"That's nothing," said the South African. "I once flew 200 miles over the Pacific to rescue a fallen hang-glider who was being eaten by a vicious Great White Shark. I then ate the Great White Shark and flew my friend to safety."

The Irishman said nothing, and continued to poke the fire with his cock.

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