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Rotten Reggie

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Rotten Reggie Joke

What's The Joke Rotten Reggie?

There is this third grade class with this kid named Rotten Reggie in it. One day, the teacher decides that she will ask the class one question every Friday and the student who gets it right can stay home from school on Monday. The whole class thinks this is a great idea -- especially Reggie. On the first Friday, the teacher asks the kids how many buckets of sand are in the deserts of Egypt. No one knows and the kids are very pissed off. The next Friday, the teacher asks who was the first sailor to sail arround the world. No one knows again. Rotten Reggie is getting real pissed off now, so he goes home and spray paints two golf balls black. The next Friday right when the teacher says it is time for the question, Reggie rolls the two balls to the front of the room. The teacher picks the balls up.

"All right, who is the comedian with two black balls?"

"Eddie Murphy! See ya on Tuesday!"

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