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Falling Sign

Falling Sign Hilarious Joke
Falling Sign Joke

What's The Joke Falling Sign?

One day, a man walks into a whorehouse and says, ''Give me your most dangerous whore.''
The clerk says, ''She's in room 3A.''
The man goes to room 3A and sees a woman with a black leather suit, whips and chains. The whore says she wants to have sex on the peak of the roof. The man quickly agrees. They go to the roof and go at it for a while, and then they both fall off the roof, still ''together.'' They land on the sidewalk and die.
A drunk man walks by, sees them together, and walks into the whorehouse. The desk clerk says, ''Hey! I thought I told you never to come back here again! Get out, now!''
To this, the drunk replies, ''I just came in here to tell you that your sign fell down.''

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