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Kick Me

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There was a little boy who got up one morning and was pissed cause his mom didn't have his breakfast ready. So he went outside and kicked the chickens because he didnt have any eggs. Then he went to the pig pen and kicked the pigs because he didnt have any bacon. Then he went to the barn and kicked the cows because he didnt have any milk. Then he came back into the house and his mom said ''I saw you kick the chickens, pigs, and the cows and just for that you dont get any breakfast.''

So later on, his mom kicked the cat becuase it was clawing the furniture. So when his dad came home the little boy said, ''Hey Mommy? Do you want me to tell him or are you gonna tell him?''

"Tell him what?" asked his Mom. "That he don't get no pussy 'cause you kicked the cat."

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