The Joke Seducing the Grocer

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Seducing the Grocer

Seducing the Grocer Hilarious Joke
Seducing the Grocer Joke

What's The Joke Seducing the Grocer?

An older single woman was shopping at the grocery store feeling lonely and horny. In the check out stand she noticed a young bagger and thought she might approach him. When he asked if he could take her groceries to her car she excitedly said, "Yes."
As they headed to the door she touched his arm and said, "I have an itchy pussy." The young man smiled and kept walking. Feeling he maybe he didn't understand when they reached the door she said again, "I have an itchy pussy!"
The young man smiled and started to look around the parking lot, so she tried one more time, "I have an itchy pussy!"
The young man turned and replied, "Lady you're going to have to point it out because all those import cars look alike to me!"

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