The Joke Two Prisoners, Two Choices

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Two Prisoners, Two Choices

Two Prisoners, Two Choices Hilarious Joke
Two Prisoners, Two Choices Joke

What's The Joke Two Prisoners, Two Choices?

    Two explorers are flying over the Amazon. The Plane crashes and the local tribe captures them and takes them prisoner. The King brings the first prisoner in front of the whole tribe. He then asks "What do you choose, death or Bondo?"

    The prisoner says, "I
choose Bondo, I don't want to die."

    The crowd chants, "BONDO,
BONDO UBEO UBEO Then a huge, well-endowed man comes out and screws him and the guy screams.

    Meanwhile the other guy sees this. Then the king calls for the second prisoner. He comes out and says, "I saw what happened. I choose death."

    The Kings says, "No one has chosen death before. He looks at the crowd and asks how the prisoner should die."

    They shout "DEATH BY BONDO!"

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