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Dinner on the Road

Dinner on the Road Hilarious Joke
Dinner on the Road Joke

What's The Joke Dinner on the Road?

There were these two bums and they were hungry when they came across road kill. The first bum went down to eat it when he looked up at his friend and said, "Oh I'm sorry, would you like some?"

He replied, "No I think I'll wait."

So they continue down the road and the first bum said, "Look - some more road kill, I'm still hungry. How about you?"

His friend replied, "No, not yet, I think I'll wait."

The first bum ate the road kill. Shortly after, his eyes rolled back and he puked the whole thing back up on the street. Seconds later, his friend dove in and ate every last slickery drop of the puke.

The first bum said, "I thought you weren't hungry?"

His friend replied, "I was always hungry, I just wanted a warm meal."

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