The Joke Duck-Hunting Dog Tells All

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Duck-Hunting Dog Tells All

Duck-Hunting Dog Tells All Hilarious Joke
Duck-Hunting Dog Tells All Joke

What's The Joke Duck-Hunting Dog Tells All?

A man invites a friend to watch his prize duck hunting dog at work.

They approach the first pond, the dog runs ahead into the brush. He comes back and waves his tail once. The owner tells his friend that this means there is one duck on the pond. They walk up, and sure enough, one duck flies off.

At the second pond, the dog waves his tail three times. The owner explains that this means there are three ducks on the pond. When they walk up, exactly three ducks take flight.

At the third pond, the dog runs back and forth, humping the hunters' legs and chasing his tail. The friend asks what in the world this means. The owner explains, "This means there are so many f**king ducks on that pond, he can't even count them."

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