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Fishin' or Buggery?

Fishin' or Buggery? Hilarious Joke
Fishin' or Buggery? Joke

What's The Joke Fishin' or Buggery??

There was this man who had a dog. Every Sunday morning at 4:30 AM the man and the dog would go fishing. One day, the man fell in love and got married. After the wedding, when the man and the woman got in bed together, the man turned to the woman.

''Tomorrow is Sunday and every Sunday morning, me and my dog go fishing at 4:30 AM. We'd like you to come along.''

''And what if I don't want to come along?'' the woman asked impatiently.

''Well then, sweetie, we'll just have to have buttsex.'' With that, the man rolled over and fell asleep, and left the woman pondering.

''God, I hate having the buttsex, but I also hate getting up so early. I'll have to think about this more." In the morning, the woman could hear the man going downstairs to get the dog. It was much too early for the woman to get up so she decided to wait for the inevitable buttsex. She waited for about half an hour and fell back asleep, thinking her husband had left already. She awoke to the man, pulling on her arm.

''Have you made your decision?'' he asked

''Yes,'' she replied. ''I do not want to go fishing.'' True to his word, the man pulled down his pants.

"By the way, what took you so long to come upstairs? It usually doesn't take that long to get Sparky up.''

''I know,'' the man said. ''He didn't want to go either.''

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