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Girl and Dog

Girl and Dog Hilarious Joke
Girl and Dog Joke

What's The Joke Girl and Dog?

A little girl and her dog are walking through the forest when they suddenly fall into a pit. They scramble and scramble but can't make their way out. The little girl yells, the dog barks, but no one is around to hear their calls for help. Slowly, the night sky turns black and they find themselves engulfed in utter darkness.

Off in the distance, the wolves begin howling. Each howl is louder and closer than the last.

The little girl holds the dog close to her chest and says sadly to the dog, "This is the worst mess in which ever have found ourselves, my darling Sparky."

"Yeah," the dog says, "we're really screwed."

"Sparky," the girl says, astonished, "I didn't know you could talk."

"Well," the dog says, "I was kinda waiting for the right time to tell you."

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