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Huntin' in Alaska

Huntin' in Alaska Hilarious Joke
Huntin' in Alaska Joke

What's The Joke Huntin' in Alaska?

This guy hears that there's good bear hunting up in Alaska. So he buys a plane ticket and gear and goes up there. The day after he arrives, he goes out and in a clearing was a black bear ,so he drops to one knee, aims and drops the bear dead in its tracks. Then theres a tap on his shoulder and theres this big brown bear. And the bear says, "Hey buddy, you just killed my friend. Now I'm either gonna maul ya or have sex with ya." What could the guy do, so the bear had sex with him. Then the guy leaves.
Then he remembered the black bear, so he went back for it. But the brown bear was there, so he drops to one to knee and kills it. Then there's a tap on his shoulder and it's a huge kodiak bear.The bear says, "Hey, that was my friend -- now I'm either gonna have to maul ya or have sex with ya." Again the man does it with the bear and leaves. Again, he remembers he forgot the bear. So he goes back and he sees that kodiak bear, so he drops down to one knee and shoots it and kills it. Then there's another tap on his shoulder so he turns and there's a huge polar bear and the bear says, "You don't come down for the hunting, do ya...?"

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