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Taking Ducks to Market

Taking Ducks to Market Hilarious Joke
Taking Ducks to Market Joke

What's The Joke Taking Ducks to Market?

Once there was a farmer with three sons. He gave a duck to his eldest son and told him to see how much money he could get for it at the market. The eldest son came back later in the day, shouting "Dad, I got $10 for the duck!"

The farmer said "Well done, son."

The next day, the farmer sent the middle son to the market with a duck and he came back with $20. "Well done, son," said the farmer.

He then sent the youngest son to the market to see how much he could get for the duck. On the way to the market, the son met a prostitute.

"I'll give you a f**k if you give me that duck," said the prostitute. After they did it, the prostitute said, "That was so good, I'll give you the duck back if you f**k me again." He did, and then he went on to the market.

On the way, the duck flew out of his arms and was run over by a truck. The truck driver jumped out of the cab and said "Oh no, I'm so sorry! Here's $50 to pay for it."

The youngest son went back to the farm and said to his father, "Hey, Dad! I got a f**k for a duck, a duck for a f**k, and $50 bucks for a f**ked up duck."

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