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The Toothbrush Salesman

The Toothbrush Salesman Hilarious Joke
The Toothbrush Salesman Joke

What's The Joke The Toothbrush Salesman?

Three guys begin work at a toothbrush company as salesmen. Each day, two of the guys sell twenty toothbrushes each, and the third guy consistently sells two hundred. The other two guys are jealous, but they can't figure out his secret. Then, one day, they run into him at the mall, where he's set up a tobacco dip sample table.

"This is your secret?" says the first guy.

"Try some dip," says the third. They both take a little bit o' dip.

"Ech!" says the second guy. "This tastes like sh*t!"

"It is sh*t. Would you like to buy a toothbrush?"

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