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Hairy Pogo Stick

Hairy Pogo Stick Hilarious Joke
Hairy Pogo Stick Joke

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This guy goes to the doctors office and tells the doctor, "Doc, I got a problem. Every time I see this good-looking girl, my thing busts out of my pants!" The doctor tell him to wear two pairs of underwear and come back if it doesn't work.

The next day the guy goes back to the doctor's office and tells the doctor that it didn't work. So the doctor tells the guy that he needs to wear three pairs of undies and two pairs of pants.

So the man takes the advice, but the next day he comes back to the doctor's office and says it still doesn't work, so the doctor gives the guy a metal jock strap.

The next day the doctor reads in the morning paper, "WOMAN HIT BY METAL OBJECT -- MAN ESCAPES ON HAIRY POGO STICK!"

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