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Hands-On Therapist

Hands-On Therapist Hilarious Joke
Hands-On Therapist Joke

What's The Joke Hands-On Therapist?

A lady visits her therapist. "I think my husband is a son of a bitch."

The therapist asks why she thinks that. She replies, "Well, he kisses me."

The therapist kisses her and says, "I kissed you, and I'm not a son of a bitch."

She replies, "Yes, but he feels me up."

The therapist proceeds to feel her up.

He returns to his seat and says, "I felt you up, and I'm not a son of a bitch."

The lady replies, "But he -- you know -- has sex with me."

So the therapist goes over and has sex with her. After they're finished, the therapist says, "See, I just had sex with you, and I'm not a son of a bitch."

The lady says, "Yes, but my husband has AIDS."

The therapist says, "SON OF A BITCH."

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