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Bill O'Reilly's Chauffeur

Bill O'Reilly's Chauffeur Hilarious Joke
Bill O'Reilly's Chauffeur Joke

What's The Joke Bill O'Reilly's Chauffeur?

Bill O'Reilly and his chauffeur accidentally hit and kill a farmer's pig while driving through the country.

O'Reilly tells the chauffeur to apologize to the farmer. They drive up to the farm, and the chauffeur goes inside. He is gone for a long time.

When the driver returns, he explains his long absence, "Well, first the farmer shook my hand, then he offered me a beer, then his wife made me some cookies, and his daughter showered me with kisses."

"Why were they so grateful?" O'Reilly asks.

The chauffeur replies, "I don't know. All I told him was that I was Bill O'Reilly's driver and I'd just killed the pig."

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