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Analysis of the ''F'' Word

Analysis of the ''F'' Word Hilarious Joke
Analysis of the ''F'' Word Joke

What's The Joke Analysis of the ''F'' Word?

Perhaps one of the most interesting and colorful words in the English language today is the word "f*ck". It is the one magical word, which, just by its sound, can describe pain, pleasure, love, and hate.

In language, "f*ck" falls into many grammatical categories. It can be used as a verb, both transitive (Mary f*cked John) and intransitive (John was f*cked by Mary). It can be an action verb (John really gives a f*ck), a passive verb (Mary really doesn't give a f*ck), an adverb (Mary is f*cking interested in John), or as a noun (Mary is a terrific f*ck). It can also be used as an adjective (Mary is f*cking beautiful) or an interjection (F*ck! I'm late for my date with Mary). It can even be used as a conjunction (John is ugly, f*ck, he's also stupid). As you can see, there are very few words with the overall versatility of the word "f*ck."

Aside from its sexual connotations, this incredible word can be used to describe many situations:
1) Surprise -- "What the f*ck are you doing here?"
2) Fraud -- "I got f*cked by the car dealer."
3) Resignation -- "Oh, f*ck it!"
4) Trouble -- "I guess I'm f*cked now."
5) Aggression -- "F*CK YOU!"
6) Disgust -- "F*ck me."
7) Confusion -- "What the f*ck...?"
8) Difficulty -- "I don't understand this f*cking business!"
9) Despair -- "F*cked again...."
10) Pleasure -- "I f*cking couldn't be happier."
11) Displeasure -- "What the f*ck is going on here?"
12) Lost -- "Where the f*ck are we?"
13) Disbelief -- "UN-F*CKING-BELIEVABLE!"
14) Retaliation -- "Up your f*cking ass!"
15) Denial -- "I didn't f*cking do it."
16) Perplexity -- "I know f*ck-all about it."
17) Apathy -- "Who really gives a f*ck, anyhow?"
18) Greetings -- "How the f*ck are ya?"
19) Suspicion -- "Who the f*ck are you?"
20) Panic -- "Let's get the f*ck out of here."
21) Directions -- "F*ck off."
22) Awe -- "How the f*ck did you do that?"

It can be used in an anatomical description -- "He's a f*cking asshole." It can be used to tell time -- "It's five f*cking thirty." It can be used in business -- "How did I wind up with this f*cking job?" It can be maternal -- "Motherf*cker." It can be political -- "F*ck Clinton!"

It has also been used by many notable people throughout history:
"What the f*ck was that?" -- Mayor of Hiroshima
"Where did all these f*cking Indians come from?" -- General Custer
"That's not a real f*cking gun, is it?" -- John Lennon
"Who's gonna f*cking find out?" -- Richard Nixon
"Why the f*ck did that apple hit me?" -- Issac Newton
"Heads are going to f*cking roll." -- Marie Antoinette
"I could have used a f*cking map." -- Ulysses
"Where the f*ck is all this water coming from?" -- Captain of the Titanic
"Any f*cking idiot could understand that." -- Albert Einstein
"It DOES SO f*cking look like her!" -- Picasso
"Okay, I know... we'll build this BIG f*cking wall to keep them out." -- Emperor of the Ch'in Dynasty
"I can't believe I just f*cking said that." -- Patrick Henry
"F*cking backstabbers!" -- Julius Caesar
"You want what on the f*cking ceiling?" -- Michelangelo
"Fellatio is not f*cking!" -- Bill Clinton
"Where is that f*cking pizza guy?" -- Elvis
"Why? Because its f*cking there!" -- Sir Edmund Hilary
"I don't suppose its gonna f*cking rain?" -- Joan of Arc
"Scattered f*cking showers my ass." -- Noah
"I need this parade like I need a f*cking hole in my head." -- John F. Kennedy
"What are the f*cking chances I'm going to heaven?" -- Adolf Hitler
"Hey, where the f*ck are your turbans?" -- Christopher Columbus when he discovered the "Indians".

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