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Donny's Homework

Donny's Homework Hilarious Joke
Donny's Homework Joke

What's The Joke Donny's Homework?

Donny is a 17-year-old ninth grader who is becoming increasingly disillusioned with the public school system. One day he got an easy homework assignment.  All he had to do was put each of the following words in a sentence.  This is what he did....

1.  HOTEL    --    I gave my girlfriend da
crabs and the HOTEL everybody.
2.  RECTUM   --    I had two Cadillacs, but
my ol' lady RECTUM both.
3.  DISAPPOINTMENT   --    My parole officer
tol me if I miss DISAPPOINTMENT they gonna send me back to the big house.
4.  FORECLOSE   --    If I pay alimony this
month, I'll have no money  FORECLOSE.
5.  CATACOMB   --    Don King was at the
fight the other night, Man, somebody give that

6.  PENIS   --    I went to da doctor and he
handed me a cup and said PENIS.
7.  ISRAEL   --    Alonso tried to sell me a
Rolex, I said Man, that looks fake. He said, No, ISRAEL.
8.  UNDERMINE   --    There is a fine lookin'
hoe livin' in the apartment UNDERMINE.
9.  TRIPOLI   --    I was gonna buy my old
lady a bra but I couldn't find no TRIPOLI.
10.  STAIN   --    My mother-in-law axed if I
was STAIN for dinner again.
11.  SELDOM   --    My cousin gave me two
tickets to the Knicks game, so I  SELDOM.
12.  ODYSSEY   --    I told my bro, you
ODYSSEY the tits on this hoe.
13.  HORDE   --    My  sister got into
trouble because she HORDE around  in school.
14.  INCOME   --    I just got in bed wit dis
hoe and INCOME my wife.
15.  FORTIFY   --    I axed  da hoe how
much?  And she say FORTIFY.

Donny got an A.

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